Hinata Sawanoguchi

沢野口 日向

Kouta's busty next door neighbor and the editor-in-chief of Comic Splash, a B-rated seinen manga magazine. She shows two sides to herself: a ditsy woman outside of work and a serious editor at work. She is also known for recruiting novice artists and pushing them to their full potential, though there is a darker side to this through spread of rumors. According to Jiro Mineryu, a critically acclaimed author and a former student of Hinata, she tends to become attached to the author and his talents, leading to these misunderstandings. The rumor is further explained by Sayaka Jumonji, a former colleague of hers, claiming she has also "ruined" a few artists with her methods, earning her the nickname "The Novice Killer". She is the first to discover Kouta's full potential as a trigger-type artist. She drives a Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano as her personal vehicle. (Source: Wikipedia)