The Wizard
Lotton quotThe Wizardquot is a mysterious looking man and one of the bounty hunters hired to catch quotGreenbackquot Jane. He has gray hair wears a black trench coat and shaded glasses and speaks in a light voice. His weapon of choice is one or more Mauser C96s with an extended magazine although it039s unknown whether this is an actual Mauser or a foreign version of the gun. He does not drink alcohol he claims it makes him vomit. He gets shot by Revy when he tries to make a fancy entrance. It is implied that he is not a mighty fighter but a poser. However he did survive a fall from atop a warehouse building after getting shot due to his Kevlar vest so the full extent of his abilities is still in question. He is also one of the few bounty hunters to survive the manhunt for Jane. After the battle takes off in the sea he gets up and aids a gravely wounded Shenhua and Sawyer. Due to the uncommon act of mercy Shenhua comments that he is not the type to kill and would be better as a host in a bordello but Lotton claims that he is too clumsy for that. Source: Wikipedia.