Cú Chulainn

クー・フーリン, Lancer, 光の御子, Child of Light, Blue Spearman of the Wind, クランの猛犬, Beast of Culann, Hound of Culann, Sétanta, Child of the Sun, Cú Alter, Mad King Cú Chulainn, Cú Chulainn (Alter)
Born as Stanta from a mortal woman Deichtine and the Sun God Lugh hes a Hero from the Ulster Cycle of Irish Mythology. He took the name C Chulainn after he killed the guard dog of the blacksmith Culann said to be stronger than 10 men when he was only a child. To make up to the old blacksmith he offered himself as a guard dog and since then was called C Chulainn Culanns savage dog. Trained in the Arts of the Spear and magic Runes by Scthach he wields the cursed Ge Bolg the spear that inflicts wounds that never heal. In Fate/Stay Night: In Fate/Grand Order First Order: In Fate/hollow Ataraxia: