Holder of the Purple pacifier. Head of the combat forces of the Calcassa Family. He wears a full leather outfit and a motorcycle helmet which is copied by all his subordinates. However Skull is not as powerful of an infant as Reborn and Colonello having been beaten by Reborn before his first appearance in the manga with great ease. Hes looked down upon by the other two and was even called stupid by them. He calls the two his senpais and is easily irritated by Reborns comments about him and his pet octopus Reborn keeps telling him to eat the octopus already. Reborn considers Skull as always being someones errand boy and Skull to his dismay doesnt deny the fact that the only person he was an errand boy to was with Reborn. Skulls pet is a giant armored octopus. The octopus tentacles follows Skulls hand and finger movements. Source Wikipedia