Shuuichirou Keido


Head of the GHQ Anti Bodies and a major antagonist.

He is intent on eliminating the Apocalypse Virus through total purification by killing all individuals who are infected by the virus. However, Shuichiro has hidden motives much to General Yan suspicions particular the meteorite that the virus originated from. After Shuichiro is put under house arrest for stealing the meteorite, he secretly orders Major Segai and the Anti Bodies to launch a coup d'état against Major General Yan by causing an Apocalypse outbreak all over Tokyo. With the General dead, Shuichiro quickly takes command of GHQ and frames his predecessor's death on Funeral Parlor. In truth, Shuichiro real plan is to revive Mana using the meteorite to transfer her soul into Inori's body so both of them will start a new race and spread the outbreak worldwide. However, his plans are foiled by Gai and Shu who rescue Inori and free Mana's soul. He was assumed to be killed by his assistant Yuu but was later revealed to be alive as the new president of Japan's provisional government. It was revealed later that he is Haruka's older brother and was assumed to be Kurosu's best friend, but it turns out he wasn't and that he hated him so much that he killed him.