ロキ, Battle Strategist
First appearance: Battle 48 Type: Sei Type: Katsujin Ken Martial Arts: Karate especially utilizes the Spear Hand that uses Tame Loki was the former Fourth Fist of Ragnarok but is now a spy for the Shinpaku Alliance. He uses a Karate style that involves using all the joints in his arms. Besides being a powerful fighter he is also quite intelligent using information about his opponents to his advantage. Despite his strength Loki prefers to win by using any means necessary: he kidnaps Honoka after learning that she is Kenichis sister despite Hermits protests. His ultimate goal is unknown but it seems that he wanted to destroy Ragnarok from the inside planting seeds of doubt among the Eight Fists in order to disorient the gang. Niijima states that both he and Loki follow the Art of Evil which is why Loki uses dirty methods to win. Loki first appears using one of his shadows to meet with Niijima and to destroy Shinpaku Alliance. His thugs soon surround Niijima and his common soldiers and gang up on them though are defeated when Kenichi Takeda and Ukita burst in and join the fray. Loki is then seen talking with Siegfried about Shinpaku and quickly spots Niijima who was spying on the two at the time. He allows Siegfried to chase Niijima and arranges for Niijimas deportation on a cargo ship. He orders his common thugs to attack Kenichi and Miu who try to save Niijima though does not participate in the battle himself. Loki then meets up with Hermit and kidnaps Honoka using Kenseis name to quiet the protest from Hermit and order the latter around. During Kenichis battle with Hermit Loki threatens Kenichi to stop while he orders Number 20 to hold a knife to Honoka and Hermit to attack Kenichi all the while detailing Hermits past that led up to his entrance into the world of martial arts. When Hermit refuses Loki steps into battle himself and attacks Kenichi while his plans are ruined with Hermit saving Honoka. The battle ends harshly for him as Odin breaks his goggles and chastises him for haphazardly dropping Kenseisamas name forcing Loki to retreat. Later Loki corners Niijima with a wall of his shadows blocking Niijimas exit from the warehouse Loki manages to put Shinpaku to its own standstill though the common Ragnarok forces are unable to catch Niijima. Loki uses this as an opportunity to blame Odin for Ragnaroks recent troubles and unveils his New Eight Fists to replace the old Eight Fists that Ragnarok lost allowing himself to be ranked second to Berserker. However he and his replacement Fists are quickly defeated by Berserker who shows no interest of leading any gang. In Battle 306 Loki is seen sending information about Yomi to Niijima who he appears to be working with to gather information. It is said that Loki is afraid of Yomi.