A wind spirit from Elfhelm a utopia on the island Skellig in the Western Sea. Elves in Berserk can only be seen by the openminded the devoutly religious cannot see Puck at all though he can play with their face unbeknownst to them. Puck can secrete a powder from his wings to quickly heal wounds and can emit a bright flash to blind enemies. On occasion he also resorts to his Bloody Needle attack tossing a spiny object resembling a seed pod at someone. It deals no injury but is painful enough to prompt most victims to cry out. Puck was the first to join Gutss journey and is starting to show a strange attachment to the Behelit Guts took upon his battle with the Count. Puck often serves as comic relief along with Isidro. The two are frequently drawn in an exaggerated manner. He is very angry when he ever is mixed up with a Pixie or Fairy quick to state the difference. He also seems to have a brothersister relationship with the newest comic relief character the female elf Evarella. Source: Wikipedia