Ikaros Melan

Angeloid Theta,Black Ikaros

Ikaros Melan, or "Black Ikaros", is a "Tactical Angeloid, Type Theta" (戦略エンジェロイドタイプθ(シータ)) and the Sky Master's latest Angeloid. First appearing at the end of chapter 54, she is a dark copy of Ikaros, possessing a copy of the latter's Variable Wing core. However, being a Second-Generation Angeloid, her power far exceeds that of her original counterpart, as her Aegis shield cannot be penetrated even by Astraea's Chrysaor (and breaks the weapon when the latter tries to), yet a punch from Ikaros Melan can break through the Aegis L shield which is supposedly stronger than the original Ikaros' Aegis.

She is eventually destroyed when the real Ikaros takes a shot from Ikaros Melan's Apollon, then activates her own Aegis around herself and Ikaros Melan so that its explosion (otherwise capable of annihilating an entire country) only blasts the two of them, resulting in a double suicide attack that leaves her own systems damaged to 97% and her self-repair program broken.