Rein is the second protagonist of the series and the other twin princess of Sunny Kingdom. She may look identical to her sister Fine but her eyes are seagreen and her hair is blue and much longer than Fines. Rein is also referred to as one of the most unprincesslike princesses in the history of Fushigiboshi but unlike Fine she is likes to dress up and wear elaborate decorations. Rein gets crazy when it comes to romance and always end Brights name with sama. Shes adventurous but as friendly eccentric and caring as Fine. Rein often thinks positive ways to fix things and acts more feminine than Fine. Her name was originally spelled with an a in English but the director Junichi Sato doesnt want her name to be related to the weather rain. Note: In the manga and some of the episodes in the anime Rein had some affection for Shade. Although she was with Shade in some of the episodes in the anime she is much more in love with Bright.