ハウル, Jenkins, Pendragon
Wizard Howl is a mysterious reclusive wizard. He is twentyseven years old and known for being very flamboyant and wicked. His notorious moving castle has recently been spotted near Market Chipping and rumours have begun to spread that he is searching for beautiful young women whose hearts he may steal. He comes from Wales a country unknown to most in the book where his family still remain unaware of his activities in Sophie039s world or of its existence. Despite his reputation Howl is in reality an endearing charming man who is intelligent and considerate if somewhat selfappreciative and stubborn at times. He enjoys quotslithering outquot of uncomfortable situations often in comical ways. Howl is described as being tall and suave fond of dyeing his hair and wearing impressive suits. However he is described by Calcifer as quotvery vain for a plain man with mudcoloured hairquot Howl is not naturally handsome but he has quotcharmquot both literally and figuratively.