Leozack is the commander of the elite Decepticon Breastforce and notionally Deathzaras's most trusted warrior...except he really can't be trusted at all. Leozack despises being anything less than the top 'bot and is constantly struggling to have it all—including leadership of the Decepticons. Unlike those that have come before, however, Leozack is smart enough to keep his ambitions hidden from his emperor, preferring to gather the resources and power necessary to fuel his dreams of conquest in secret. The thing is, Deathzaras is fully aware of Leozack's dreams and schemes, and to say that he doesn't rate Leozack as a threat would be putting it mildly. In Deathzaras's eyes, Leozack is an overzealous youth with ideas above his station, and while he conceals his awareness of Leozack's treachery from him, he never misses a chance to make his contempt for Leozack well-known. This drives Leozack absolutely crazy, and he often takes irrational risks trying to prove to Deathzaras that he is a capable warrior. As a member of the Breastforce, Leozack is partnered with a transforming breastplate which can detach and transform into his Breast Animal partner, the Lionbreast, or the handheld "Leo Cannon". Like his fellow Breastforcers, Leozack also wields an Electromagnetic Nunchaku. (Source: tfwiki.net)