Jade Curtiss

ジェイド・カーティス, Necromancer, Jade Balfour
Hometown: Keterburg Weight: 74 kg / 163 lbs Height: 186 cm / 60391quot Weapon: Lances Dr. Jade Balfour more commonly known as Jade Curtiss or as Jade the Necromancer is a colonel serving in the Malkuth military and an exceptional wielder of Fonic Arts well known throughout Auldrant. He always seems to be smiling or at least cheerful regardless of the events taking place about him giving little indication of his true thoughts on anything. Jade is known as the father of Fomicry the science of extracting data from an existing entity to produce a perfect copy known as a 039replica039. His first attempt was when his sister Nephry broke her favorite doll at which point Jade created a replica to soothe her tears. He was nine at the time. In his youth he was as described by his sister a quotdevilquot highly adept in casting Fonic Artes his sister saw him as one who did not understand the significance of life or perhaps that anything but himself could be sentient and he therefore enjoyed killing monsters through Fonic artes even adults found difficult. Sometime after Luke039s conversation with Nephry regarding her brother Jade confesses to Luke that he still fails to understand what it means for someone to die. He was however significantly changed by his teacher Dr. Nebilim a healer who commanded the Seventh Fonon which Jade could not command himself. Though he had great respect for his teacher Jade attempted to cast a spell using the seventh fonon but instead unleashed a power beyond his control that resulted in the death of Nebilim. As Nebelim lay dying Jade extracted her data and created a replica of her though rather than resurrecting his beloved teacher he only succeeded in creating a monster which he found himself forced to destroy. At some time after these painful events Jade039s talents in fonic artes and fomicry were recognized and he was adopted into House Curtiss a family of high position within the Malkuth military. Jade was eventually convinced to cease his endeavours with Fomicry by his close friend Emperor Peony the Ninth who spent his childhood years in Jade039s hometown of Keterburg. It is also revealed that Jade forbade the practice of Fomicry on living organisms due to both ethical and technical issues arising from the subject. Dist also one of Nebilim039s students however still didn039t accept Nebilim039s death. His dream was to see Jade return to normal and help him resurrect her again. However Jade had always refused and often opted to make fun of Dist instead. He introduces himself as quotColonel Jade Curtiss Third Division Malkuth Imperial Forces.quot He doesn039t ever refer to himself as Jade the Necromancer his given nickname that arose due to his habit of scavenging corpses after a battle but acknowledges others when they call him the Necromancer. Personality Jade is at first mostly an enigma his teasing smile always hiding his true thoughts. Often when the actions of those around him are less than thought through Jade uses sarcasm to show that he disapproves. Other than amusement Jade rarely shows signs of any emotions at all though occasionally they get out of his control. Deep inside Jade feels guilty for all the people he has killed especially Professor Neblim. Abilities Jade could be considered the strongest character in Tales of the Abyss given all of his powerful Fonic artes. When Luke first encounters him Jade is Level 45 with artes like Blessed Drops and Ground Dasher. Largo the Black Lion a GodGeneral however uses a fon slot seal to seal Jade039s Fonic artes. Jade039s Level is immediately dropped to 5 and he loses all his artes except Energy Blast and Sonic Spear. His increases in level therefore actually represent how much of the fon slot seal he has undone. Through leveling up Jade gains one hightier Fonic arte for each element but light and darkness: the aforementioned Blessed Drops and Ground Dasher and Thunder Blade and Infernal Prison. Through sidequests however Jade can also learn Absolute Prism Sword and Meteor Storm. Also each of Jade039s hightier Fonic artes invokes a fully charged Field of Fonons of its element after it is used. Each of Jade039s four Strike artesSonic Spear Thunder Lance Impaling Heaven and Soveregn Galeis changed by a different element of FoF meaning that Jade can use any fully charged FoF to change a Strike arte.