Nile is a brave and honest person. Like a number of characters in Beyblade: Metal Masters, he admires and is a good friend of Kyoya Tategami. He is also great friends with Damure and The Masked Bull as well. He debuted winning a 25-Man Battle Royal to qualify for the African team along with Kyoya. While getting to know Kyoya they face several jealous bladers and easily defeat them. The two eventually become friends and are able work together after they are tricked by several beybladers trying to knock them off the african team. They both later meet up with Demure and decide that they are Team Wild Fang. Nile's Beyblade in Beyblade: Metal Masters is Vulcan Horuseus 145D. Vulcan Horuseus is the beast inside Nile's Bey. The Bey is presumably based off of the Egyptian Falcon Headed God, Horus. It's special moves are Vulcan Cannon and Mystic Zone. He had his first appearance in episode 69 of Beyblade Metal Masters "The Scorching Hot Lion". (Source: