Sting Eucliffe's exceed. Lector appears to be a highly arrogant cat. He repeatedly talks down other people whilst comparing them to Sting considering everyone beneath the Sabertooth guild in general. During the Magic Games he constantly states that Sabertooth members will easily win their matches to the point where he even berates Frosch for simply asking.

After seeing Sting fight for the first time, Lector followed Sting and begged him to allow him to become his student. Sting was confused as the why Lector wasn't scared of him, but Lector claimed he just wanted to become strong. Sting admitted it would be weird to have a cat as a student, but told Lector to follow him anyways. Several years ago, Lector began to brag to others on how his friend Sting killed a Dragon on his own. However, no one believed him and others even started saying bad things about Sting, which greatly upset the little Exceed. As he was crying, Sting put his hand on Lector's head and promises that he will defeat a man named Salamander.

(Source: Wikia)