Jung HweeHwan

First met Shin Jaegyu when he ran over her leftover money her grandmother gave her. She rips his shirt (not on purpose) and before he can do anything she runs away. Then he comes upon her at the mall and in a panic to make sure he doesn't hurt her friend she tries to stop him and falls, accidentally pulling down his pants. He runs away embarrassed and is later confronted with his father's men. He escapes by dislocating his shoulder and runs away. He then finds Jaegyu and passes out. She brings him back to his apartment and when he wakes up he tells her that he wants to make a contract. Where she would be his pretend girlfriend and he would pay her (in her words "that's a lot of zeros). Jaegyu lives with him while this contract progresses. Though HweenHwan thinks of her as an idiotic, annoying, stubborn, and loud girl he soon realizes that he might have more feelings for her then just an employee. His father is the head of a huge company and wants him to succeed him and does everything in his power to prevent him from getting side tracked. Even taking away the things he loves and hurting the people he loves. He loves Muay Thai and his master. (Muay Thai is a fighting style)