迷宮兄弟・迷, Para

Para, known in the manga and Japanese version as Mei (迷), is the older of the two Paradox Brothers. He and his brother duel as a tag team, and appear to duel the protagonists in both Yu-Gi-Oh! and Yu-Gi-Oh! GX. Para has the kanji for half of the word "Labyrinth" on his head, with his brother's head having the other half. He and his brother were hired by Maximillion Pegasus to work as Eliminators in his Duelist Kingdom tournament. The two duel as a team, with their "Labyrinth Wall" card enabling them to change the playing field to resemble a complicated underground labyrinth, making gameplay more akin to a board game than a card game. The two guard an underground area of the island. (Source: Yu-Gi-Oh!Wikia)