Kuudou Hinokage

日之影空洞, Mister Unknown,Known Hero

He is a senior of Class 13 and was the 96th and 97th Student Council president of Hakoniwa Academy. Medaka Kurokami's immediate predecessor, Hinokage recommended her as his successor as Student Council president.He is a very tall and strong, yet extremely reclusive, man. As Student Council president, Hinokage was well-liked, and protected the school for an entire year,even after the other members of his Student Council all quit.Whenever he fought, Hinokage only saw enemies, and didn't care what they were thinking.Hinokage fought daily against delinquents who would make trouble at the academy. He fully intended to become Student Council president again, but the April of his third year, he met Medaka for the first time, when she stopped him from finishing off an opponent.Hinokage and Medaka ended up fighting for three days and nights, and afterwards, they would begin fighting whenever they met. This was because Medaka would always interrupt his own fights. Hinokage eventually asked Medaka why she kept stopping him. He found her reasoning bizarre, but realizing that she wanted to protect everyone and had always considered him an ally, Hinokage decided to retire, and asked Medaka if she wanted to become Student Council president.Because Medaka was the only student who could find Hinokage, he recommended her as his successor as Student Council president.

Ten years later, Hinokage works at the national police agency. He and Kudaki Torai have been searching for Kumagawa, though without success.

(Source: Medaka Box Wiki)