Terumi Minamoto


The protagonist of the story. He suffers gynophobia after been bullied by girls in school, showering him with rotten milk. This leads to his fear of women and hatred for milk. He lives with his aunt Fujiwara Kaoruko after his father asks him to move out for their home when he remarried. He soon finds himself part of her research on Genji Monogatari and must have sex with 14 women to cure his gynophobia. In recent chapter Terumi has become more confident around girls at the same time has grown more sexually aggressive show when he tries to have sex with Asahi and does object to Kaoruko's "training". Meeting Aoi and further getting experience with her, and almost losing his virginity to her "he lost the interest after hearing her calling out her father while they where doing it." he need to overcome his trauma to improve his relationship skills with women. After many years Terumi had met with the girl that cause his trauma only to realize that girl has completely forgotten about him. Offended Terumi did everything "even cross dressing as a girl" just to get back at her. Now ready to meet his third target and had conquered his trauma Terumi asks Kauruko that he wants to have a proper relationship with next target.