Lucy Heartfilia

ルーシィ・ハートフィリア, Luigi,Lu-chan,Blondie


The stylish, main female protagonist of the Fairy Tail series, Lucy Heartfilia is a cheerful and clever Celestial Spirit Mage who often gets swept along by her disruptive guildmates when they go overboard. Empathetic and caring and more likely to write novels than wage battles, Lucy becomes most emboldened to challenge enemies when she needs to fight for her friends.

Lucy is said to be a noisy and somewhat fussy person, and there are times when she can be naive and too easily forgiving, greedy for validation as well as overly confident at inopportune moments. However, despite any failings and instances of self-doubt, she doesn't allow herself to feel down for too long - her optimism is boundless.


In July of Earth Land year X784, Lucy is a normal 17-year-old Fioran who wishes to join the infamous mage guild, Fairy Tail - although they have a reputation for being thoroughly destructive, she admires their strength and numbers. After a fateful meeting with two members of the guild in the town of Hargeon, Natsu Dragneel and his flying blue cat, Happy, she travels with them back to Fairy Tail, located in Magnolia, to begin the adventure of a lifetime.

Lucy's surname is quickly revealed to be quite significant, for it distinguishes her as a member of the Heartfilia family, who head a powerful and wealthy organization called the Heartfilia Konzern. The Heartfilia's connection to Celestial Sprit Magic becomes a key point later on.

Lucy, along with the various other mages participating in Fairy Tail's S-Class Mage Promotion Trial on Tenrou Island, gets frozen in stasis for seven years after The Black Dragon, Acnologia, attacks the island and they are protected by one of the Three Great Fairy Magics - Fairy Sphere. The group is discovered in April of Earth Land year X791, awakening to a changed world.

In Earth Land year X792 Lucy is able to harness an advanced form of Celestial Spirit Magic called Star Dress. She utilized this ability for the first time after being forced to break and sacrifice the key of her closest Celestial Spirit, Aquarius, in order to summon the Celestial Spirit King while fighting against the Dark Guild, Tartaros, the year before.

In September of Earth Land year X793 Lucy embarks on the Century Quest with her main team. She is also determined to find Aquarius' key, which manifested​ itself somewhere in the world.