メロディっち, Meroditchi

She is a classical music Tamagotchi and is a huge classical violin star, playing with her Melody Violin. Melodytchi's hometown is Melody Land, and owns two Tama Pets, Sopratchi & Doremitchi. Who now live with her in Tamagotchi Town, Tama Cafe with Lovelitchi and her parents, Lovemamalitchi and Lovepapalitchi. Lovelitchi is her best friend, also known as best Tama-Friend. Melodytchi also likes food, especially sweets. She loves sweets so much that she has even had a fight with Kuchipatchi for a cookie. She likes to taste all different kinds of sweets but she doesn't eat as much as Kuchipatchi. She even competed in an eating competition in Episode 73, but lost to Kuchipatchi and Kuishinbotchi. Melodytchi also plays her Melody Violin in the popular song, Happy Happy Harmony and Happy Heart. Her favorite song is Melody Waltz, and her violin teacher is Classictch. (Source: Tamagotchi Wikia)