ユニ, Black Sister

Uni Height: 149 cm Weight: 39 kg Bust: 77 Waist: 55 Hip: 81 Black sister Height: 148 cm Weight: 38 kg Bust: 75 Waist: 54 Hip: 80 Uni is Noire's younger sister. Uni seems to be friendlier than Noire is, and befriends Nepgear quickly in the game until learning of her relation to Neptune. However, she is still very much a tsundere. While she and her sister look nearly identical, Uni is a lot friendlier and perky in comparison. Comparing her relationship with Nepgear, it's a lot better then Neptune and Noire's at first. Much like her sister, however, she is a tsundere and says things like "I guess I'll let you...". (Source: Hyperdimension Neptunia Wiki)