Nation's name: Ladonien (Ladonia) Capital: Wotan City Language: Swedish, Phrased Latin, English, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, German, and French Birthday: Unknown National flower: N/A Height: Unknown Age: Unknown A micronation in Sweden founded by Swedish artists that is based on the internet. He’s rather young and rambunctious in appearance, and it was mentioned in his original character notes that he’s supposed to look like an elementary school student. Like Sealand with England, Ladonia thinks that he is stronger than Sweden and will one day conquer him. Currently, he is under the impression that he and Sweden are at war, but such a thing is not actually true. Sealand, Wy, and Seborga asked him to join their micronations club, and although rejecting their offer at first, he joins them and declares himself as their leader (but was rejected when Molossia pushed him into a laptop). He is rather hot-headed, somewhat cocky, and thinks that he is all powerful. Apparently, he’s very popular among Pakistanis. The mark on his face was revealed as being a streak of paint, not a scar/cut/etc.