The father of Shachi and captain of a pirate band called "Sōdō no Shachi" (双胴の鯱). After being defeated by Kenshiro, he reluctantly transported him to the Land of Asura. Akashachi gives Kenshiro the mission of finding his long-lost son, Shachi. In the past, Akashachi set foot on Asura with a hundred of his men but they were slaughtered by the young Nameless Asura. Akashachi escaped, having lost his right eye and leg in the carnage, leaving Shachi behind.

Akashachi and his men appear in Kenshiro and Shachi's hour of need, trapping Kaioh with a series of grappling hooks and burning him with a drum of sulphuric acid. As Kaioh descends into the water, Akashachi plans to finish him with a harpoon strike but he is killed by Kaioh's hidden crossbow. In his last moments, he is reunited with Shachi, who wears his eye patch after his death in memory of his father.