Enefea is Elisiss's sister, and is the white leopard. Like Elisiss, she is also a god. She was punished by being cursed with the form of the leopard and cast down from heaven by their own father, Rumezavia, whom she angered by siding with humans. Even after all this, she is thoroughly devoted to making sure that her sister is safe. Anyone, no matter who or where they are, who attempts to harm Elisiss feels the wrath of Enefea. She is still capable of speech, and uses it to speak with Elisiss. She has an innate distrust of Yorn, as he is a God Hunter. She fights with the teeth and claws of her leopard form, but is also capable of producing powerful magic blasts from between her eyes. She eventually follows Spike to ensure he won't harm Elisiss. She would have killed him for trying to do so once, but wasn't able to after hearing Spike's tragic story. (source: Wikipedia)