Queen is a young woman with long black hair with her bangs clipped back with a green barrette and trademark glasses. As her name implies, she has a dignified position among her comrades due to her intelligence and strong sense of justice. She holds the position of a class leader in Class Zero and is often seen immersing herself in books; she is also very attentive during Kurasame's class, being one of the few students to have a proper study posture. She has a practical, realistic and logical personality and is known for saying cruel things to her classmates. But in actuality, Queen does so in favor of her classmates; being one of the older students in the class, she constantly looks out for her classmates and cares deeply for them as a sister figure to the class. While she holds the position of a class leader, Ace appears to be the leader for Operation Apostle. Why and how Queen was selected for the role was never explained nor stated, but it could be assumed that Ace was selected to prevent an overlapping of class roles. In other words, Queen was tasked with caring for the welfare of Class Zero whereas Ace's job was to lead the team to war and reclaim the country. - Final Fantasy Wikia