Takao Arizuka

蟻塚 貴男

A high-ranking officer from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department with the rank of Superintendent, he is feared by low-ranking officers since his mere presence in a police station during inspection would mean the end of someone's career as he always bring a notebook with him. However in reality, he is lenient and willing to make arrangements (even if he has to make personal sacrifices to make such an arrangement possible as is) to accommodate the need of his subordinates so long as they get the job done in the end. On the other hand, Arizuka is strict and always reminds his subordinates to follow the guidelines set by their superiors while doing their best according to their capabilities. For this, Yoriko dubbed Arizuka as the king of Hades. In the movie, Arizuka realized that he, as a Superintendent, knew less about the disappearance of Tadashi Emoto as well as the Hachi-Ichi-Go paper that Emoto made for the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department than the Chief of the Bokuto Precinct Traffic Division and temporarily stripped Kachou off his rank and command when the latter refused to provide details regarding them. Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_You%27re_Under_Arrest_characters#Bokuto_Police_Officers