Atsushi Ikeda

Atsushi Ikeda is an independent, ordinary college student living an ordinary life. He is tall, has black hair, and wide shoulders. He lives an apartment, has a job, and can cook for himself. Atsushi finds Riya at the front of his doorstep with injuries and decides to take him inside his house to treat his hand. As the story progresses, Atsushi finds himself unable to leave Riya alone and after discovering Riya's mental condition, he becomes a sort of safe haven for Riya since he is afraid of what might happen to him.

In Volume 2 of the manga, Atsushi begins to realize his feelings for Riya. One night, after attending Saki's concert (Riya's cousin), Atsushi finds Riya and Kousaka in the washroom. Riya was hit in the face by Kousaka because of the things he had said which angered Kousaka. Riya runs outside with Atsushi following. Riya feels angry at his other self (White) because he's tired of everyone talking about the other Riya and feels flustered since he can't believe White Riya slept with Kousaka-sempai. Suddenly, Riya asks Atsushi to sleep with him. Unsure of the situation, Riya assumes he doesn't want to do it and bursts into anger and disappointment, but Atsushi replies: "All right. I'll do as you wish." Atsuhi never thought of ever doing it with Riya because he only meant to to think of him as his little brother. Seeing Riya like this Atsushi finally realizes his feelings. Atsushi confesses to Riya and tells him about how he feels. But Atsushi knows that Riya doesn't love him back so he doesn't want to do something so careless with the one he loves.

(Source: Mangafox)