Oryō, or Oryō-chan as Tsurara calls her, is a Tsukumogami. She is devoted to Tsurara, and as such, is a member of the Tsurara Clan, which is made completely of Tsukumogamis such as herself. She comes from a kōribachi, which literally means ice bowl/pot/basin, that is over a hundred years old. In fact, all of the Tsukumogamis in the Tsurara Clan are from Kōribachis. She, along with the rest of Tsurara's Tsukumogamis, call Tsurara "Tsurara-nee-san". Oryō is a short and petite Tsukumogami, much like the rest of the Tsukumogamis in the Tsurara Clan.