羽原, Archdemon,Flat Chest

One of three main girls of High School Girls Are Funky side-story. She has an older brother. Called "flat chest" by Yanagin. Attends Sanada West High School, acquainted with Literary Girl. Habara has relatively common sense, often to serve as the straight man of horrendous behavior of Ikushima and Yanagin. In her childhood she was known as Archdemon, a bully that even male students feared. Therefore, to beat Archdemon a group was formed by the children who could withstand her violence. At the end of the fierce battle everyone along with Archdemon was beaten except the masked kid, Rubber Shooter. Habara lost her bloodlust when she was beaten and Yanagin was forced to watch over her so she wouldn't go back on a rampage. She's very remorseful of what she did when she was young. It is implied that Habara is still dangerous.