Motoi (モトイ, Motoi) is a Kumogakure shinobi who is stationed on the Island Turtle. Manga debut: Chapter #492 Anime debut: Naruto Shippūden Episode #243 When Motoi was five-years-old, he and Killer B were good friends. After Motoi's father was killed during an attempt to subdue the Eight-Tails that had broken free from its previous jinchūriki, Motoi came to hate the Eight-Tails. B was soon chosen to be the beast's next jinchūriki and Motoi, just as many other Kumo villagers did, focused his anger towards B because he was to be the vessel of the beast. He once tried to assassinate B to avenge his father, but was disarmed by B easily. Despite having his face covered, Motoi assumed that B knew it was him, as B ungrudgingly greeted him as they used to with a fist bump. After this, Motoi could never bring himself to face B, and hadn't spoken to him for thirty years, but in time he came to admire B as a village hero.