Edwardo Guevara

純・ゲバル, Che

In the 'Son of Ogre' series, an 'alternative universe' version of the famous Che Guevara exists. This Edwardo 'Che' Guevara (or also called in japanese "Jun Gebaru") is a former pirate of the high seas who went on to found his own sovereign nation of 'La Serna'. His appearance is nearly identical to the real Guevara as seen in the classic photograph, and he is one of the three strongest men in the entire world, along with Biscuit Oliva and Yujiro Hanma. Much like the real-life version, this manga version of Guevara is notorious for his radical political philosophy, his anti-captitalist and more specifically anti-US stance (the crime he is presumably imprisoned for is that he broke into George W. Bush's house and threatened his family, after Bush considered using bullying military tactics against La Serna), and his harsh discipline. It is this discipline that has made him so powerful, as he is described as 'one of the three men alive more powerful than a machine gun'. He uses a fighting style developed from the exclusive use of bare hands against all weapon types, and so is quite capable of killing someone in a single hit. He can defeat an opponent who has a gun to his head, or destroy several abnormally strong and/or skilled opponents at once.

He is first encountered in the Arizona prison, as he has intentionally allowed himself to be captured and imprisoned there in order to battle Biscuit Oliva, a man he sees as representing the strength and arrogance of the United States. He puts up a good fight against Oliva, but loses in the end after enduring several hits from Oliva's full strength, Oliva noting that he is the first man in ages to be able to withstand his full strength..

Apart from these obvious differences in personality and ability, this manga version of Guevara is also much younger than the real-life version would be, being about mid-thirties at the oldest, with the manga being set in current times.

He goes back to his country after his defeat.

Source: Wikipedia.