Mitsuru Shinoyama


Like one of his teammates, he is a SEED from Fifth Sector. In the match between Mannouzaka and Raimon, when Tsurugi shoots at Mannouzaka's goal with Death Sword for the second time, Mitsuru summons his keshin/avatar, Machine Soldier Galleus, and catches the ball. When Kyousuke shoots at Mannouzaka's goal with his keshin's/avatar's hissatsu shoot, Lost Angel, Shinoyama summons his keshin/avatar again, this time using its catch hissatsu, Guardian Shield. At the last moment, it fails, and the shoot goes through the goalpost, giving Raimon another point. After this, when Shindou uses his Fortissimo shoot, Shinoyama tries to release his keshin/avatar yet again. He fails to do so from exhaustion, and the shoot goes in. The game ended with Raimon's victory. He seemed to cripple in reaction to his team's loss.