Reisen Udongein Inaba

鈴仙 優曇華院・イナバ, Udonge
A moon rabbit she came to Gensokyo about 30 years ago to escape a war between the Earth and the Moon. Since then she has been an apprentice to Eirin a pet to Kaguya and a caretaker to Tewi. Reisen has the ability to sense and manipulate waves of all kinds localised in her Lunatic Red Eyes. Her signature use of this ability is manipulating brain waves through eye contact allowing her to induce madness or hallucinations depending on the strength of her opponents will. By increasing the frequency of brainwaves she can make a person shorttempered and irrational or by reducing them can leave her target apathetic and depressed. Reisen can also manipulate light and sound waves to deceive the senses indirectly from concealing the paths of her danmaku to creating afterimages of herself to casting widearea illusions that cause people to get lost. Finally she is capable of releasing waves from her eyes in a destructive blast. Udongein and Inaba are both nicknames the first given her by Eirin and the second Kaguya the latter is what Kaguya calls all rabbits. Source: Wikipedia