Miyuki Shiba

司波深雪, Snow Queen Princess of the Yotsuba, Masterpiece of the Yotsuba
Birthday:Mar 25, 2080
Age:15-17, 20 (Magian Company)
Height: 160 cm Weight: 49 kg Classification: Arank Magician Abilities: Cocytus Niflheim Inferno Freeze Flame Deceleration Zone Luna Strike Miyuki is a first year student in Course 1 of First High School. She is the younger sister of Shiba Tatsuya. She is a bloom which is considered the upper class. She was appointed as the freshmen representative and is well known throughout the school. Described as very beautiful she draws attention everywhere she goes. Yet she is still modest and kind. She has a warm and loving nature and defends her brother readily. She feels bad about being labelled as a genius she feels that her brother is the real genius. Miyuki feels sad that their father only cares about her and ignores Tatsuya completely. Source: Wikipedia Pledge: Major Spoiler Yotsuba Succession arc: Future arc: