Mu Young

A male student who, until recently, was undergoing intensive training underground in the forest with medical assistance and bandaging from Yuhwa. He and Yunhwa are later targeted by Paul, who has been bribed by Director Fire Dragon, to prevent them from returning to the school for the last test for the seat in the Student Council and assisting and supporting Vera with reaching her goal. He attacks Paul and leaves him near death, and has referred to himself as the first "living dummy" of Yunhwa's family. He seems to hate the traditionalists of the council, especially Rud. Mu Young also seems to have no regard for his own life, as he strives for power even when it means death. His life span was shortened due to a previous incident, and he is currently trying to learn Anachelli Yu's "Natural Wave" Technique, which will also shorten his life again. At the end of part 1 he has apparently finished his training and returns with Yuhwa to the school, but is shocked upon finding it burned down.