A female student who also helped Guesong defeat Honse. She has long, black hair, and wear unusual knee socks with black and white stripes. Her Yardplay art is the "Puppeteer" allowing her to control other people like puppets through invisible threads, even though this technique has the same name a the art of another female character of yardplay faction, they are completely different. She assisted Mu Young with his intensive training in subterranean conditions beneath underground with medical assistance, bandaging and care. However both were unknowingly being targeted by Paul whom had been largely bribed by Director Fire Dragon, to prevent them from returning to the school for the last test for the seat in the Student Council and assisting and supporting Vera with reaching her goal. She was extremely angry with Mu Young, when he injures Paul critically, and threaten Mu Young with removing the power she helped him acquire, if he doesn't behave. Later she is seen apparently helping Kombengi against a black dummy, and fighting Fire Dragon alongside other students. She returns with Mu Young to the school, but is shocked upon finding it burned down.