ブルック, Dead Bones, Soul King, Satan-sama, Boneland, Honekichi, Bonekichi
Birthday:Apr 3
Blood Type:X
Height: 266cm 88 Affiliation: Straw Hat Pirates previously Rumbar Pirates Position: Musician Swordsman Devil Fruit: Yomi Yomi no Mi Revive Revive Fruit Devil Fruit Type: Paramecia Bounty: Brook known as the Gentleman Skeleton is a pirate inhabiting the Florian Triangle region of the Grand Line. Although he claims to be a gentleman and talks in the dialect of one Brooks etiquette has severely degenerated over the course of his isolation. He has awful table manners: he shouts for food while waiting to be served asks to swap plates with people who have larger servings than he does and eating so messily his entire face is stained. He is also extremely flatulent after meals but says excuse me so as to be gentlemanly. He also loves to tell odd bonethemed jokes as well as melodramatic tales and is very perverted asking to see Nami and Robins underwear upon meeting them. Hes a skilled musician something Luffy has always wanted in his crew since the beginning fond of playing the violin. Due to his light weight he can not only jump to incredible heights but can run on water by moving his legs furiously. He uses a shikomizue as his main weapon with it he is able to make swift iaid attacks that the enemy cannot notice.