One of the top five students in the student council. His outline was shown in a flashback. He appears to be a fairly tall man, with long brown hair (now short). His need for an eye-patch stems from losing his eye during a fight with Vera, who exploded it using her technique. He is close friends with Makihara Madoka and very close with director Fire Dragon, after the Director's "generous" large bribes. Vera says that he cares more about money then anything else, considering she had to force a deal with Paul to get him to cooperate with her. He was attempting to kill Mu Young and Yuhwa while Mu Young was still in a weak condition from intensive training, but Mu Young subsequently attacks him and leaves him in a critical condition. In chapter 71, after 4 months of being in the hospital, he returns to the school. He finally meets Gangryong, and introduces himself as the last of the Nine Dragons. In volume 10 he is also killed by Vera along the with the student body by the elders request.