Gejutel R. Landegre

게슈텔 R 란데그르

Age: unknown (>820) Race: Noble Occupation: Landegre clan leader Eye colour: Red Hair colour: Silver with two black lines Gejutel is Regis’s grandfather and is seen with a walking stick and a monocle. He has the same sense of honour that Regis possesses and tests him on the issue of protecting humans. He seems to be on tense terms with Frankenstein. He is the head of the Landegre clan and he is the only one who served under the previous lord. The other clan leaders went to eternal sleep with the previous Lord or betrayed him. He was secretly given the task to guide the current Lord in order to lessen the confusion and chaos when the previous Lord and clan leaders went into eternal sleep.

Gejutel was sent out by the Lord to find out where Seira and Regis were staying and what they were doing. When he returns to report to the Lord, he tells Regis and Seira not to trust Frankenstein, but they can trust Rai. When reporting to the Lord, he conceals the truth to keep Rai and Frankenstein’s identity hidden. However, Rael lets out that he confronted unknown people with power, which leads to Gejutel being accused of treachery.