Age: Unknown (>25) Race: Human (modified) Occupation: (deceased) Eye Color: White Hair Color: (bald) M-24 is a large, bulky and muscular guy with a purplish-tinted skin, who wears a black fedora with a gray turtleneck sweater, black jacket and dark pants. Though he appears to be cruel and cold-hearted at first, it is later revealed that he can be very compassionate and caring towards others. He shares a very close relationship with M-21 because they were the only 2 remaining from their group. Together, they try to find out their comrades’ names. He even wished for M-21 to call him ‘older brother’ because he thinks that previously in his life, he had younger siblings. M-24 was one of the first 100 humans (M-1 to M-100) that were experimented on by the Union. He is considered a failed experiment, like M-21, and he is dependent on pills from the union that prevent his body from deteriorating. In time he has developed the ability of minor mind-control as side effect of the experiments done on him. He helped M-21 to learn how he could withstand mind control by launching several attempts of mind control on him. He was also capable of producing ‘infected’ and control them.

He dies in chapter 78: He is killed by Jake while trying to buy some time for Shinwoo and his friends to escape.

In Chapter 246, it is revealed that he was saved by Dr. Crombell and has not died. He is still an experiment, though, but has leveled up and stabilized. He has escaped the lab and is on the run in the city where he eventually meets KSA agents and also Rai and others. Several chapters later on M-21's request Frankenstein agrees to examine and treat M-24 personally and takes him to his own lab at home. M-24 keeps behaving strange but because he remembers things only real M-24 would know, M-21 believes in him. ~!However, in chapter 255 it was revealed by Yuri that this M-24 is in fact a fake - his real identity is Mark, a member of the same assassination team as Yuri. Mark has assumed M-24's identity to fulfill his infiltration mission (it's explained that he has absorbed a number of M-24's cells to gain some of his memories and abilities - along with his unstable body condition). There is no further explanation about original M-24 at this point.

!~ (Source: Wikipedia and Noblesse Wikia)