Hiroto Kazama

風真 宙人, Hiro-kun

Age: 15 Birthday: June 10 Sign: Gemini Height: 168 cm Weight: 51 kg Blood type: A Favorite food: Grilled Meat and Cooked Pork A member of SHIPS. He became an idol at age 12, when he teamed up with Seiji. In contrast to Seiji, he is brutally honest with Kirari but he sometimes helps her in sticky situations. Despite how he teases her, he truly cares for her. He later falls in love with Kirari. He oldest of 5 brothers, whom he takes care of while his parents are away. Although he supports Kirari's feelings for Seiji, he tries to win her affection on various occasions and gradually shows her more affection. At the end of both the anime and manga, he confesses his love to Kirari and they begin dating. Name Origin: "kaza" refers to wind, "hiro" refers to universe. [wikipedia]