氷河, 白鳥星座の氷河, Cygnus, Hyoga of Cygnus, Hyoga de Cisne
Birthday:Jan 23
One of the truly interesting main characters in the series Hyoga appears calm collected and unemotional. Beneath the surface however he is passionate and devoted to his ideals. The one person that forever lives in Hyoga mind is his deceased mother. She died when Hyoga was still very young having drowned during the shipwreck of a doomed cruise. The ship sunk into the icy ocean where the extreme cold kept Hyogas mother from rigor mortis. Throughout the Sanctuary arc Hyoga is shown to visit his mother periodically by diving into the waters. As a saint born under the Cygnus constellation Hyoga is able to control and manipulate ice and snow however he pleases. It is also implied that he is the first to wear the Cygnus Cloth in 10000 years as the cloth was previously concealed within an iceberg before Hyoga retrieved it. The Cygnus Saints favorite technique is Diamond Dust daiyamondo dasuto? a windy attack that blasts ice and snow at the opponent in a single concentrated point. Hyoga has used this technique for other purposes like creating a mirror that reflects certain attacks or performing this attack in the legs of the opponent. Before learning Aurora Execution his most powerful technique is Holodnyj Smer Hrodon sumeruchi? Cyrillic: meaning ice tornado renamed Aurora Thunder Attack in the anime. It is the a technique that captures his Cosmo into a single tornado of which is unleashed via an uppercut. It is a move that is in essence a more powerful variation of Diamond Dust. The Aurora Thunder Attack clasps both of Hyogas hands together as he expels snow and ice at the opponent. Sources: Wikipedia WeskerCDA