ハスキー, Mermaid Princess, Myrrha
Birthdate Astaria Calendar Year 332 March 4 Height 140cm Weight 33.5kg eye color blue with some purple hair color: silver likes: beautiful gems and pretty things A fish +Anima whose legs completely transform into a fishtail when jumping into water. Similar to a merman he also grows gills allowing him to breathe underwater and stay submerged indefinitely. Although Husky is male he appears effeminate and is even thought to be a girl by some of the characters. He is considered to be the most intelligent and rational of the group. He wields a long staff for a weapon that he took from the Beehive Manor. When he was younger he apparently was captured in a fishermans net and then sold to the circus though he claims he worked there willingly. It appears however that the ringmaster is blackmailing him into working at the circus by withholding a pair of sapphire earrings that Husky treasures because they were given to him by his parents. The presence of most of the onechapter characters it just pure irrational. He is really bothered by Cooro at first and only travels with him because he made a sort of deal with him but they become good friends though Husky smacks Cooro over the head with his Cooropunishing staff every time he does something stupid. He actually leaves the group for a small time when Nana is invited to join but she convinces him to come back. In the beginning he calls her dumb and ugly and silly and countless other insults but later on in the series his comments are sort of evasive like saying girls worry about silly things when she asked if he liked her new outfit and he even progresses to saying things that are really compliments hidden in a vague insult or a rude voice. It appears once the fourth manga rolls around that hes getting a crush on her. He is from Sailand and got his + anima when he was drowning.As a child he was often teased about looking like a girlwhich may be why he hates girls. He doesnt really like food unless it is something incredibly good. Doesnt like oily and sweet things. Like fish more than meat.