Cain C. Hargreaves

カイン・C・ハーグリーヴス, Count Cain, Earl Cain, Poison Prince
Cain is a young English nobleman who is also known as the Earl/Count of Poison for his fondness in collecting and storing different kinds of poisons which he calls his quotchildrenquot. Cain039s childhood was filled with both physical and mental abuse inflicted by his father Alexis. He was whipped on the back daily because Alexis claimed that Cain is a cursed child and this is the only way he could be forgiven by God. Cain039s mother Lenora tried to kill him because he was the illegitimate child of her husband Alexis and Alexis039s sister Augusta. Cain became Count at the age of twelve after killing his father Cain is named after the biblical figure Cain for the fact that he was the first human to kill a relative though in this case a brother named Abel. He has greengold eyes they039re actually green but the gold in them comes because he is a child born of the incestuous relationship. To outsiders he seems like a wealthy incorrigible playboy. The only people he trusts are his head butler Riff and Mary Weather who people consider to be his halfsister through Alexis039s relationship with a maid. The manga based his physical appearance on British actor Rupert Graves. Cain is considered so beautiful that he can pass for a woman. Source: Wikipedia