Saiko Yuki

彩弧 由貴
Birthday:Sep 10
Yuki is the end result of the supersecret YLPER similar to ESPER short for Ylem perception according to the manga Project which attempted to create Esper weapons though the use of genetic manipulation it appears that she is one of a group of four Lisa Hiroko and Annie are the others. Her primary power is precognition and clairvoyance. However as it is explained in the anime episode XRP 77 by the character Annie she also possesses the power of the other three subjects which means that she also possesses the ability to teleport things including herself and a group of people create force shields capable of reflecting or neutralising various attacks and cause things to explode with the power of her mind all of these powers make her capable as confirmed by Toru in the very last episode of the anime of changing the future with her own hands. She was found by Rally Cheyenne in the street crying and was later recruited for her enormous psychic powers Yuki is the teams mascot dispatch officer and Lebias data processing assistant. Although Yuki sometimes acts a little airheaded shes only a teenager she can show a great deal of courage when needed Yuki runs a small coffee shop called Labyrinth but it is more a hobby than a business since she is a fulltime police officer. However the lease stipulates that as long as she runs it she doesnt have to pay rent. It is later revealed that this is because Toru Washio her lifelong love owns the building she lives in. She met her love interest Toru Washio in 1997 as a result of an encounter with a Lucifer Hawk and a magical coffee mill. He was 17 at the time and she was 18. They met again after Yuki returned to her own time 2027 Toru having waited over thirty years for her. Towards the end of the anime it is revealed that Touru was also responsible for founding project YLPER he had sold his soul to Nemesis so that he could see Yuki again when he finally understood the plans that Ganossa had for Earth and Nemesis he started the above project so that the humans had a chance to win over the Lucifer Hawks episode 26.