Eva Heinemann

エヴァ・ハイネマン, Heineman
Eva Heinemann is Doctor Tenmas fiance and the daughter of the Director of Eisler Memorial Hospital. She leaves Doctor Tenma after he is demoted by the Director for disobeying his orders. After Director Heinemann is murdered by Johan she tries to return to Tenma then recently promoted Chief of Surgery due to holes created in the staff by the murder. After being rejected by Doctor Tenma she later becomes an extremely embittered alcoholic a three time divorcee who uses the money from divorce settlements to finance her lavish lifestyle. After burning her house down in a drunken rage she wanders throughout Germany and is also caught up in the investigation of the Monster. Although she does not personally suspect Dr. Tenma as having caused her fathers death one of the things she lives for is to see him suffer in prison in retribution for his rejection of her as she had previously turned over evidence incriminating Dr. Tenma to Inspector Runge. Her relationship with Tenma can be characterized as obsessive. During the series she becomes a main target of Roberto. Source: Wikipedia