Shuuichi Kuze

Birthday:Feb 15
Kuze Shuuichi is Asou Renjis neighbor and a good friend to Himura Yuu. He is a womanizer and especially fond of Asou Sumire despite her being married. Shuuichi is a famous violinist of whom Hirono Hiro is a fan. In the past he went to the same school as Himura Yuu Hirono Nagi and Amamiya Yuuko all of whom he considered to be his friends though Kuze was planning on moving to another country by the time he met the last one. Being a ladies man Himura asked Shuuichi to investigate his kouhai underclassman Yuuko which turned out with results as she was the one scaring her classmates and the one who started a fight to keep what is in her bag hidden. Before leaving Kuze Shuuichi had a farewell party but only inviting his three close friends at the school. However due to their problems none of them stayed through his entire piece Amamiya felt his playing was too wonderful which made her leave in tears with Himura following her at Shuuichis insistance and Nagi did not even come. Later the violinist came back to for a short time to visit an acquaintance. During this time he sent a letter to Yuu and Yuuko who were living together telling them his news. While he was playing in the street a little girl named Hayama Mizuki also known as Miki was drawn to the melody from afar. When she reached Kuze he called her a cute little lady kawaii ujouchan and tied his own hair ribbon on her head which made Miki happy.