Makoto Yuuki

結城理, Minato Arisato (有里湊), Sakuya Shiomi, Protagonist, Leader, Tatsuya, N-Jima
Age: 1617 Date of Birth: Unknown 1992 Height: 170 cm / 57 Blood type: O Initial Persona: Orpheus Ultimate Persona: Messiah The protagonist of Persona 3 is a transfer student enrolling in Gekkoukan High School in Iwatodai City. He is an orphan whose parents died on the Moonlight Bridge in their car during a fatal incident a decade prior to the game. In Persona 3 Portable he has a female counterpart. He moves into the dorm in the introduction of the story learning of his ability to summon a Persona when the dorm is attacked by Shadows during the Dark Hour. Mitsuru asks him to join SEES and he is later elected the teams leader in combat. He is unique among his cohorts in that he has the ability to carry multiple Personas and switch between them during battle. He is also the only character with access to the Velvet Room. His initial Persona is Orpheus although through Persona fusion and other means he has access to over 150 different Personas. Soejima took longer to design the Main Character than any other character as the games other characters would be made to complement his design. Soejima wrote in Art of Persona 3 Initially he looked more honest like an ordinary handsome young man. But I worked to achieve greater ambiguity in his expression.