Tobio Kageyama

影山飛雄, King of the Court, Kageyama the Kalm, Bakageyama, Bateyama-kun, Bakayama, Kalm-geyama, Yamayama-kun, Wearyama-kun, Crappyama, Tired-yama, Your Highness, Pipsqueak, Brazen Jerk, Simpleton Idiot
Birthday:Dec 22, 1996
Team: Karasuno High Kitagawa Daiichi Junior High former Height: 180.6 cm Year: 1st Year class 3 Number: 9 Position: Setter A famous setter in his middle school who joins the Karusuno High Volleyball team. He was known as the King of the Court in his middle school because of his arrogant demeanor and the way he would order around his teammates. Although he still carries an overbearing attitude he begins to change when he starts to play with Hinata Shouyou who views him as a rival.