Celestia Ludenberg

セレスティア・ルーデンベルク, Celeste, Celes, Queen of Liars

Height: 164cm Weight: 46kg Chest: 80cm Specialty: Super High-school Level Gambler Also known as the "Queen of Liars", Celestia is renowned for her exemplary luck in games of chance. She's accumulated a sizable fortune by robbing anyone stupid enough to challenge her blind. She speaks softly and smiles often, but in a way that tends to creep out everyone around her. She also hides a surprisingly short temper and will start shouting (usually at Hifumi) if she isn't pleased.

She tricks Hifumi into killing Ishimaru, then kills him and tries to frame Hagakure for it, and once she's found out she's executed by Monobear.

It is revealed that Celestia's dream is to own and live in a castle, with a large number of servants (all dressed as vampires) waiting on her. It is unknown, however, whether this is another lie of hers or otherwise.

Her true name is Taeko Yasuhiro.